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Valet Parking LLC was established in 2019 and has for a short time become one of the companies with highest customer review in the DMV area.

Valet Parking has established a commendable reputation for smoothly performing even the most challenging parking scenarios, and our proficient valet team consistently upholds the highest standards to execute assignments with efficiency. Whether it involves modest parking facilities or off-site parking, Valet Parking is prepared to provide optimal parking solutions to meet the needs of both you and your guests.

By engaging with our services, you will have the opportunity to observe our skilled valet team in action, diligently attending to the parking requirements with utmost care. Trust is the cornerstone of our business, and we are committed to making a positive first impression on your guests who entrust their vehicle keys to us. Our staff endeavors to convey a warm welcome to your guests and assure them that their vehicles are in the capable hands of Valet Parking’s professional valet team.

Real-time tracking software

Welcome to our valet service, where we pride ourselves on providing our clients with unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and transparency. One of the key features that distinguishes our service from others is internally developed real-time tracking software. This innovative technology enables our clients to access the locations of their vehicles at all times, providing them with peace of mind and ultimate control over their transportation needs.

With our real-time tracking software, clients can easily request their vehicle with just one click, and receive an estimate of the wait time. The application also sends a notification to the user once their vehicle is ready, eliminating the need to wait and allowing your guests to relax. This feature also allows our clients to plan their time effectively and arrive at their destination timely..

Our tracking software improves transparency by allowing clients to monitor their vehicle’s location in real time. This means that clients can rest assured that their car is being well taken care of and is always within reach. Our software also increases efficiency by allowing our valet staff to track the movement of each vehicle, ensuring that they are parked in the right place and ready for pick up when requested.

Overall, our real-time tracking software provides a seamless and convenient experience for our clients. They can rest assured that their vehicle is safe and easily accessible, while also enjoying the efficiency and transparency that our technology provides.


Most Trusted Valets

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At Valet Parking, our top priority is ensuring the safety and security of our guests and their property, including their vehicles and personal belongings. Our team of valets undergoes a rigorous selection process, which includes a comprehensive background check and driving record review. Additionally, our staff undergoes meticulous training to develop the appropriate business acumen and professional demeanor required to excel in their roles.


Insurance & Permits

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We consistently adhere to the special liability insurance coverage for all vehicles under our care to provide maximum protection for our esteemed clients. Our staff is equipped to obtain the necessary specifications to assess the event venue thoroughly, as required.



our commitment

We are wholly dedicated to delivering an unparalleled level of professionalism and excellence to each of our clients and guests, from the initial point of contact to the final departure. Our staff is meticulously trained to exhibit acute attention to detail, encompassing their attire, communication, and driving and parking abilities.

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